Our vison is to create a sustainable network of Pantries across Scotland providing a holistic and dignified approach to food insecurity using quality foods that will empower individuals and communities to help each other and themselves; and hubs that will provide holistic wrap around services to the whole community.


There are key elements to The Scottish Pantry Networks mission:

  1. The prevention of poverty and the relief of financial hardship by providing food security to those who need it most
  2. The advancement of community development by acting on behalf of the network of Pantries
  3. Influencing strategies and priorities by lobbying government, providing a regulatory function, and sharing best practice across the Network
  4. Advancement of environmental protection by reducing food waste locally and nationally
  5. Advancement of learning by increasing access to skills, training, and employment opportunities
  6. Advancement of health by improving health and wellbeing outcomes
  7. Relief for those in need by providing access to key support including money advice, credit unions, housing, health, employment, and training


We are guided by our core values that are weaved into everything we do:

  1. Dignity – food insecurity should be manged with dignity
  2. Quality – all services, including foods we offer should be of a high quality
  3. Integrity – remain true to our core vision and challenge for what we feel is right
  4. Inclusion – what we offer is for everyone in the community
The Scottish Pantry Network