About Us

Our vison is to create a sustainable network of pantries providing low-cost food and wrap around services. The pantry is a dignified approach empowering communities to help themselves. The Pantry will support upskilling the community through volunteering and employability opportunities, with the shop itself being utilised as a training facility.

The Scottish Pantry Network will support the pantries by being the collective voice for change, we forge strong partnerships to support the development of the hub model, creating a tailored experience for local communities.  The Network will provide ongoing support to the pantries through compliance, lobbying and creating links with food suppliers.


1. The prevention of poverty and the relief of financial hardship by providing food security to those who need it most and being disadvantaged due to unemployment, low income, lone parent, health, and social standing.

2. The advancement of community development by acting on behalf of the Network of Pantries, sourcing food to ensure there is enough in the supply chain, lobbying government, providing a regulatory function, and sharing best practice across the Network.

3. Advancement of environmental protection by reducing food waste locally and nationally.

4. Advancement of education by Increasing access to skills, training and employment prospects in relation to developing and running a local pantry.

5. Advancement of health by improving health outcomes – particularly around the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables, through social eating, improving emotional wellbeing and social inclusion through Pantries acting as community hubs, and by promoting access to nutritious meals and increase fruit and vegetable consumption.

6. Relief for those in need by providing access to key support such as money advice, credit unions, housing, health, employment and skills.

Our Team

Chair - Neil Young

Neil Young is the Youth Team Leader at Glasgow St Paul’s Youth Forum,  working in Blackhill, in the east end of Glasgow for nearly 20 years. He was Youthlink Scotland’s inspirational leader of the year 2018 and the project was the Herald Society Community Project of the Year 2019, and Cultivation Streets Scottish Community Garden of the Year in 2019 and 2020, though it’s work to Grow Good Food, Cook Good Food and Eat Good Food. Neil was previously part of the Scottish Governments short life working group on Food Insecurity and was the organisation that the Fair Food Transformation Fund was launched from.

Treasurer - James Ward

James is a housing professional with over 24 years of experience.  He is the Managing Director of Lowther Homes and is passionate about supporting and working for people and communities to help achieve there aims.  James has volunteered for local community organisations in the past and was recognised for this work at the beginning of his career by receiving a ‘Young Scot Award’.  James was also involved in the creation of one of our first food pantries in the city.

Trustee - Jim Strang

Jim Strang has been in the housing profession for over 43 years and is a retired CEO of a Housing Association in the East End of Glasgow, he is also a past President of the Chartered Institute of housing. He is also the Chair elect of Irvine Housing association, which is part of the Riverside Group

Trustee - Anne Mclaughlin MP

Anne McLaughlin is the MP for Glasgow North East. She describes her approach to politics as ‘sleeves rolled up and hands on’. She is a great advocate of community empowerment believing communities thrive when they are supported and funded to develop the services they need rather than having services decided for them. Anne is currently the SNP’s Shadow Spokesperson on Women and Equalities at Westminster.


Trustee - Prof John McKendrick

Professor John H. McKendrick is co-Director of the Scottish Poverty and Inequality Research Unit at Glasgow Caledonian University, the university for the common good. Much of his work involves supporting the work of partners tackling poverty locally in Scotland. He has a particular interest in how Scotland is mobilising resources to tackle food insecurity.

Trustee - Derek Taylor

Derek has been an accountant in the exciting world of finance for 30 years working with a number of large and small companies throughout the UK in financial reporting, strategy and business support. He own his own finance consultancy but most of his focus and motivation is now on 3rd sector work.

Currently in a point when he wants to ‘give something back,’ where he can utilise his skills and experiences to help make our country, our society, and our communities better places to live, where he fully believes in diversity, equality, fairness, and equitable representation in our communities.


Trustee - Kelly Burns

Kelly is our pantry representative. Kelly is the current manager of Castlemilk Pantry and brings significant day-to-day experience running a pantry and working with the Castlemilk community. Kelly has clearly demonstrated success by her passion and desire to aid her community, which has caused her pantry to expand in influence and growth.


Trustee - Mark Wells

Mark Wells, originally from Inverness, is the Manager of Food Facts Friends in Penicuick. His journey began in 2016 when he first launched the Pantry, and he has found the work of assisting others in difficult situations to be extremely satisfying since then. Having gone through his own challenges in the past, he realised that without the aid of others, he would not be where he is now, giving back and seeing the need for Pantries to go beyond food.




Our Staff

CEO - Mandy Morgan

Mandy Morgan is a dedicated professional with a decade of experience in the housing sector. With a passion for community development and a strong background in local governance, Mandy has been a driving force in her community’s growth.

Previously serving as a Local Councillor, she advocated tirelessly for her constituents’ needs and was instrumental in supporting the establishment of the Ruchazie Pantry, a vital resource for the local community.

Mandy’s commitment to fostering sustainable community initiatives led her to found the Scottish Pantry Network, where she currently serves as the Chief Executive. Under her leadership, the network has grown to become a cornerstone in empowering communities across Scotland to combat food insecurity and build a brighter future. Mandy’s dedication to creating positive change in her community and beyond continues to inspire those around her.





Development Officer - Elaine Ballantyne

Elaine worked for the University of Glasgow for 37 years keeping pace with evolving technologies to enhance library services and meet the changing needs of the academic community whilst showcasing a commitment to knowledge access and scholarly support.

From 2017-2022, Elaine served as a Councillor & Bailie in Glasgow, actively engaging with constituents, and addressing community needs. She advocated for policies aimed at enhancing the quality of life for Glasgow residents which was evidenced in her role chairing the committee overseeing the Glasgow Food Strategy, demonstrating effective leadership and strategic oversight of key initiatives. As well as hosting The Glasgow Food Summit in 2018, Elaine led development sessions and chaired food inquiry sessions, contributing to informed decision-making, and fostering a collaborative approach to address food-related issues. Elaine is driven by a passion for sustainable and equitable food systems that address food insecurity and remains committed to leveraging her skills and experiences to contribute to positive change in the intersection of food insecurity, community, and sustainability.

Admin & Social media assistant - Rebecca Manirankunda

Rebecca is a dynamic individual with a background in social science, holding a Bachelor’s degree that has equipped her with a profound understanding of societal dynamics. Currently immersed in the world of marketing, she is enhancing her skills to make a greater impact in the digital landscape.

Her journey is marked by a fusion of analytical thinking from her social science studies and the creative flair she possesses. At the heart of her interests lies a genuine passion for photography, capturing moments that tell compelling stories. Her keen eye for detail and a knack for visual storytelling make her a unique asset in the realm of marketing.

Rebecca’s dedication to her craft extends to her role at the Scottish Pantry Network, where she seamlessly merges her love for photography with her adept social media skills. By leveraging her expertise, she contributes to the creation of captivating content that brings the Scottish Pantry Network to life online.

Policy Officer - Louise MacKenzie

Prior to joining TSPN, Louise worked as a policy manager in local government, specialising in equality, public health and performance management. She was one of the core group, along with other partners who led the successful development of the Glasgow Food Plan. She has a keen interest in evidence based policy, community led development and implementation of practical solutions to policy challenges. 




Operations Manager - Scott Crawford

Scott has over 10 years of experience managing FareShare Glasgow and West of Scotland, working with leftover food and the charity sector. He offers a vast knowledge of food safety regulations from his position as a Compliance Officer for Fareshare UK.

Scott’s leadership, managerial, and organisational skills have helped our organisation achieve its standards. His ability to engage with communities enhances our ability to support members and their communities.





The Scottish Pantry Network