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Looking for the nearest location of our service? You can now easily find it by using our interactive map.


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Members of the Scottish Pantry Network work in a variety of locations across the country. Please use the map provided to find your locally run and managed Pantry with Opening Times.

Please contact us if you are a local community food organisation interested in joining TSPN.

Supporting the Local Community  

Pantry Ethos

For a small fee, the Pantry gives access to good quality food

  • The model works to help reduce people getting to crisis point by providing access to services
  • Aims to move away from the foodbank model to a more dignified and sustainable model
  • Community led, empowering communities
  • Promotes access to nutritious food like meat, vegetables and fruit.
  • Provide training for volunteers in customer care, health and safety, food hygiene as well as providing experience in retail, thus upskilling the community in preparation to move onto employment
  • Reduced carbon footprint helping the climate change agenda. A large proportion of surplus food would normally end up in Landfill, however the Pantry helps to reduce this by distributing the surplus food.


Pantry Objectives

  • Locally run and managed, putting the community at the heart of decision making.
  • Provides access to low cost good quality nutritious food
  • Helping reduce our climate footprint through the redistribution of surplus food
  • Upskilling the community, improving employment prospects
  • Improve health outcomes, through conception of healthy food
  • Improve emotional wellbeing and social isolation through the hub model of the pantry.

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