Current Policy Priorities 


  • Supporting Scotland’s Good Food Nation ambitions– we want ensure the right to food is achieved 
  • Tax reform in Scotland – we support the redistribution of wealth and a minimum income guarantee to support our most vulnerable  
  • Maximising uptake of benefits and entitlements and making the case for increased support to encourage healthy eating through schemes such as Best Start and Alexandra Rose 
  • Circular economy – we support a circular economy and ask the Scottish Govt to introduce measures to support a circular economy
  • Access to Healthy FoodWe believe that everyone in Scotland deserves to live in an environment designed to promote their health, free from marketing and promotions focused on unhealthy options. 
  • Cash First – We believe that everyone should have the option of cash first solutions
  • Locally sourced food – we believe that food should be locally grown and sourced
  • Tackling Food Waste through redistribution

Following from the policy priorities above, these are some of the areas we are currently actively working on.

Programmes and Partnerships 

Glasgow City Food Plan – approved in 2021, this is a 10 year strategy to improve Glasgow Food System and make tasty healthy affordable food available to everyone . We were active in the development of the Plan and participate in the thematic working groups. 

  Glasgow Helps – is a partnership between Glasgow City Council and the third sector in Glasgow to help citizens find the services     they need 

Thrive Under 5 – is a Scottish Government Funded Programme to help support children under 5 achieve a healthy weight. A number of our member pantries are delivery partners in this programme along with the Alexandra Rose Voucher scheme 

Scottish Government : Cash First towards ending the need for Foodbanks in Scotland ; sets out a human rights approach to tackling food insecurity. TSPN  is a delivery partner in this strategy and is also supporting the Cash First Partnership 




Gingerbread – Universal Credit conditionality changes for parents with lead care –

End child poverty – On All Kids Count campaign

 WEAll Scotland – Wellbeing Economy: next steps

Obesity Alliance – The Pledge: Child healthy weight matters to me

Poverty alliance – The case for fair tax reform in Scotland




News & Updates 

Pop & Prosecco 🥂

Pop & Prosecco 🥂

We attended our partners, The Ben yearly event of “Pop & Prosecco”. This was a beautiful night which gave us the opportunity to network with corporate members of the beverage and hospitality industries.

Meet Scott!

Meet Scott!

We are pleased to share that Scott Crawford, our Operations Manager, began his new position this week. 🎉

We are thrilled to have him contribute his knowledge and expertise to the network, and look forward to seeing it impact many pantries and their communities !

Food and Drink Expo

Food and Drink Expo

With networking being the essential component of the organisation, it was only right that wee seized the chance to head down to Birmingham and get to know the many significant buyers and decision-makers in the food and beverage sector in the UK.

Development Sessions!

Development Sessions!

It’s a wrap !

That’s the first of our development sessions and we are so pleased with the outcome of the two fantastic days!

Thank you to all attendees and most importantly for Wheatley Housing for allowing us to use their lovely space!

Feeding Success Together🤝

Deputy First Minister

Deputy First Minister

As an organisation dedicated to working for Pantries and their communities, we were happy to be able to arrange for Deputy First Minister Shona Robison a visit to one of our members, The Larder in West Lothian. We are pleased that the government is interested in our...

How to save money 2024 !

How to save money 2024 !

Here’s some ways to save !!

1. Did you sign up for a 🆓trial ? keep it 🆓 by remembering to CANCEL❌ and setting an earlier reminder.

2. Don’t be hesitant to bring LEFTOVERS 🥗 into the office; they will save you more money than a meal deal every day!

3. Don’t sleep on debts; if you owe money, make sure to pay it off as quickly as possible so that you can spend and save guilt-free. 🛒🛍

4. Rather than transferring from savings and being surprised when money is taken out, automate the frequent bills such as the phone. 💸💸

5. Before heading out or shopping, see whether there are any available promotional coupons or vouchers. If it’s with family or young person, remind them to bring Young Scot Cards & Student Cards. 🧒🚸

6. Cash makes it easier to budget than online, breaking £20 note is harder than just tapping your card. Take out some cash instead 🏧💳

Glasgow Food Summit 2023

Glasgow Food Summit 2023

September 2023 Glasgow Food Summit. A busy day for the team promoting the pantry model at the Glasgow Food Summit hosted in Glasgow City Chambers. Good to share practice from Glasgow , UK and beyond. Our CEO Mandy co presented on the innovative partnership with Thrive Under 5 , Alexandra Rose and the Ruchazie Pantry . A good measure of how far we have come since the last Food Summit in 2019 but also opportunity to reflect on how much we still need to do.

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