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Is The Scottish Pantry Network a Pantry in Easterhouse?

No we are just the office, we advocate for pantries and support them !

What is a pantry?

Pantries are located in local communitites and for a small membership fee heavily discounted food.

Many of the pantries mentioned on this website also provide guidance and support on topics related to food insecurity, such as bills, benefits, unemployment, and mental health, among others.

Please contact your local pantry to learn about the latest changes and events!

Who can use pantries ?

Anyone can utilise the pantry; you do not have to meet any criteria or have a certain level of income to do so.

The only thing that may prevent you from using a pantry is if you do not belong to their postcode. 

How much does a pantry cost?

Each pantry sets it’s own charge for a weekly shop, most range from £2.50 to £3.50

How many times a week can i visit a pantry?

As many times as you need, please be sure to scheck the opening days and times on the location page. 

What do I get for £2.50 - £3.50

You get around £10 – £15 worth of food.

What kind of produce do our pantries have?

Our pantry operates on a surplus basis, which means that the food they receive in bulk is not always consistent in product; however, pantry’s will have a variety of food to choose from, from frozen to no-frozen.

Healthy food is a priority in our pantries, therefore many pantries stock produce that will assure a healthy diet, not simply a low-cost one.

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