The Scottish Pantry Network is passionate about empowering communities to help themselves. By working closely with Fareshare, as well as local growers and suppliers, the pantries are stocked with surplus food which would otherwise go to waste.

What is a a pantry ?

A Pantry is a shop that supplies mostly surplus food at a reduced cost, It is like the B&M model, only differing by the fact we don’t make a profit from the goods we sell.

We won’t supply all the items you require and the stock will vary from week to week, but you will find lots of bargains in the Pantry from meat, fruit and Veg. This saves you money, effectively putting more money into your pocket and allowing you to purchase items you may not have otherwise been able to.

For example while we do guarantee there will be meat it my not be the particular meat you are looking for or the cut. Being flexible about what you are looking to purchase can help this. However what you save with your shop in the Pantry can then go to purchasing your preferred choice / cut of meat from another store.

In addition the shop is also used as a training tool to help volunteers into employment and provide wrap around services, becoming a hub in the community. With the community at the heart of the Pantry development, we want to empower the community to take control.

The Scottish Pantry Network